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"Finding my love for comics again path"
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Recently I have found myself wondering why I have lost the love of comic books, but as I reflected back on what I have been purchasing the last several months/years I realized I had been getting books that I didn't even read. There are piles of books that I have purchased that I have had little to no interest in but purchased because they were "the next big thing" and this often meant that I put books that I adored on the backburner or just stopped collecting them all together. Well I am not doing that any more. I am going to start purchasing books that I want to read. I am not purchasing "Fear Itself" or "Flashpoint" for the most part. I am getting Secret Seven from the Flashpoint series because it is supposed to feature in it Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld, which I have almost every single issue that she has been featured in. Other than this I am avoiding that event. I am going to start getting books that I was interested in getting that I have neglected. One of these series that I wanted to originally get was Executive Assistant Iris. I just discovered that they are getting ready to do a new series with this and several of the other characters as well, so I plan on getting all of those titles. I will also be purchasing the Volume 1 trade that comes out sometime this year as well. This is my first stop on the "finding my love for comics again path".

The next step on the path towards finding my love for comics again is going back to a simpler type of comic book. This means I am going back to the comic books that I always love regardless of what is going on in them and that means two things: I am going to start getting the Archie titles (Betty, Betty & Veronica, and Veronica) again. These are books that I enjoy all the time regardless and they always make me smile. The second thing is that means remembering there are certain characters I love regardless of where they are at and those are the characters I need to start getting their titles regularly: Justice League of America for Donna Troy and Wonder Woman for Diana. While Wonder Woman is going through her own weird transition I believe with all my heart that this is still a character that I will forever love, so to keep purchasing her title will continue me back down the path of loving comic books.

The last step on my path to loving comic books again is to continue what I have been doing lately and that is working on my comic book series. I finally feel like I am getting to a comfortable place with that and getting it where I want it instead of feeling like I need to fit into some mold for someone else. While I, of course, want it to find an audience I have to also realize that part of the joy of this is getting to put out a comic book that expresses a voice that I want out there that I feel is lacking. I finally am getting that and realizing that is what I need from doing this comic book series. I need to put out that voice that speaks to people that seems to be forgotten in the world. That voice that says we are all human regardless of what we are going through trying to survive in a world that often pushes us down. I want to give a voice to my experience and that is what this comic book will allow me to do. As I have realized this though I have seen some major changes in my comic book and I have seen characters go away that do not serve any real purpose. I feel like I am finally streamlining and figuring out what I want from this series. Heck! I even finally feel comfortable with what I want to call the series and for those that have been listening to it know that I have wanted to call it everything under the sun. I finally feel like the name is right. The characters are right. The stories are right. It is going to be nice to finally see it in print when I get done. :-) This will be a huge step into me loving comic books again. One step at a time though.

Everything in life happens for a reason and I believe that my love for comic books had to die down a bit so I could see that I have to enjoy what books make me happy and to finally make me realize that I need to give myself the right to have a voice in my own storytelling endeavors.


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