Ball State University
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Today I sent off in the mail my official acceptance of admissions to Ball State University, which will be the college that I will be attending in the Fall to get my Bachelors Degree in Social Work. I am graduating from Ivy Tech Community College on May 12, so I have a lot to get ready for in the upcoming weeks. My life is about to change drastically and for the better. :-)

Holy Crap time has flown by...
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I just realized I haven't been on livejournal for awhile. Normally I am someone that LOVES to post about their life, but lately I have been wanting to just steer clear of putting everything out there. I post frequently on facebook and twitter, but usually they are meaningless drivels of crap. I usually shared what I was feeling here, but lately I haven't wanted to share what I am feeling. I want to keep it all bottled up inside. It isn't healthy, but it is how I feel right now. I guess we all go through weird phases and I am in one right now.

I am going to San Francisco at the end of the month with my partner for Wonder-Con it is going to be exciting to be back there and seeing people and places that I haven't seen for awhile. It is strange that I am going there for a comic book convention though considering that right now I am going through a phase where I am not that fond of comic books and going through more of an anime phase. I have just seen so much crap lately from comic books that I don't necessarily want to read them any more. There are a few good ones, like Age of X, but they are so few and far between these days that I feel like my resources and money could be better spent somewhere else.

School is going well. I am getting the grades that I normally get and nothing has really changed there. I have applied to Ball State University and waiting to hear from them, but I have everything turned in now and I am ready for the next chapter of my life to begin. Only two more years of school and I will probably be moving back to the West Coast to start a new chapter of my life. I am going with the flow though and seeing where life takes me. We will see.


MY LIFE: School returns next week...
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If those that actually read my blog haven't noticed I am trying to get back into the swing of writing reviews for comic books that I read. I am trying to get my heart back into writing and reading comic books. Some of the fun of comic books had been sucked away for awhile, but I won't go into all the details of why that happened, if you are interested I will tell those people that should know in private message (The Whatever Crew is allowed to know, but again in private).

On Monday the next semester of classes start and I am nervous about it. I am always nervous before the semester starts, but due to the way that ivy tech sets up their graduation ceremonies I will be walking at the end of this semester. I am nervous about walking. The major reason for this nervousness is that I have never believed that I would achieve this. The emotions I am going to feel when I graduate are going to be overwhelming. After years of being told that I couldn't achieve these goals I will have proven so many people wrong. That is going to be the most pleasant feeling, but overwhelming feeling of my life. I keep taking all these positive steps to make my life better and I feel like I am finally getting to a place where I will succeed in my life.

One of the other reasons that I am nervous about this semester is I am taking one course that I am really not looking forward to. We are required to take Human Biology for my degree and I am seriously worried that they will have some sort of dissection involved in the lab process. I am very morally opposed to dissection. While I understand that in research and other science endeavors that it can benefit the lives of millions I personally do not feel like I should be forced to cut into anything. While I am not a vegetarian I have primarily become an individual that eats chicken and fish. I avoid pork at all costs and only tend to eat beef when I am with my partner due to not having as many options when eating with him. I just hope that I can express to the teacher if we do have to dissect that I am morally opposed to dissection in my life.

Also this semester I am taking 3 Human Service courses: Policy, Multicultural Studies, and Women's Issues. I will also be taking History 102 (after like 1866 I believe). I am not that stressed out about these courses because I enjoy the majority of them. While I am not a fan of policy I understand the need to learn it here in this degree program, so I am glad to be in the course. It is going to give me knowledge that I would not have otherwise.

I have other tasks that I have to complete this month as well. I have to find out how I can become part of Phi Theta Kappa (an academic sorority on campus). Phi Theta Kappa will pay half of your Ball State tuition if you are a member of it. That will help me reduce my need for huge amounts of scholarships and grants while completing my bachelors degree in Social Work. I will probably be double majoring though while I am at Ball State. I will be doing Creative Writing and Social Work. While they do not have a lot of similarities I know that for who I am that I need to have both to feel complete. Speaking about Ball State I actually have to apply for it this month. That is going to be interesting to finally have submitted my application to be in a more prestigious university that I have never thought I would be in. I will have 2 years at Ball State to complete my Bachelors. I will have my Bachelors Degree roughly in 2013. I am shocked that it will be that soon, but that far as well. After I am finished with applying I will have to meet with both the English and Social Work chairs. To make sure that I have the proper ducks in a row to get into the Social Work program at Ball State. I found out that I will have to do a semester of classes without being in the program at Ball State, but it will be worth it in the end because I will be working in a field that truly makes me happy.

So yeah this month I have a lot of stuff going on in my life. I am feeling better about life and my future than I have in a while, but I still see that the world needs to change in other realms, but I am trying to realize that I can only control my life and not worry about controlling the world around me. Once I get to a place where I am finished with school I will be helping a lot of people, but for now I need to help myself.

Comic Book Review: Steel #1 (One-Shot) COST: 2.99 Part 1 of Reign of Doomsday
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Steel- Reign of Doomsday Part 1- Full Circle

Writer- Steve Lloyds
Artist- Ed Benes
Colorist- Blond
Letterer- Pat Brosseau
Cover- Alex Garner
Associate Editor- Wil Moss
Editor- Matt Idelson
Steel created by Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove

I want to begin this review with the cover artwork for this one-shot. This month DC is putting out beautiful cover on the vast majority of their books. These covers have a white background with the symbol that represents the book with several of the characters that are the focus of the book in front of the symbol. These are all breathe-taking and if you haven't seen them you should give them a look on DC's official website at under the comic book section for the month of January. The cover for Steel is definitely one of the breathe-taking covers. Alex Garner makes Steel look like he is going to pop off the page. The simplicity of the background with this great rendition of this character is what makes it one of the few classic covers I have seen come out in recent years from either of the big two. The cover does the story justice because the story itself is about Steel and you don't need anything else on there to understand that.

The story is written by Steve Lloyds, who I have never heard of unfortunately before this issue. (I usually just read and don't pay much attention to artist and writers) Steve though does a beautiful job of weaving the characters of Steel (John Henry Irons) and his niece into the fabric of Doomsday returning. From the first page you get the sense of doom that is this book. You understand from the first words that this is not going to be a happy story for those that love Steel. Steve Lloyds though pays proper respect to the character without dumbing him down like some other writers could have done given that this was to show that Doomsday has changed and is more deadly than before. In a lesser writers hands it could have dumbed down the character of Steel horribly, but Steve Lloyds seems to understand that there might be people out there that are fans of the character and shows us what is great about him before he begins his battle with Doomsday. I don't want to give away any more than I have what happens in this book, but that last page will leave you in tears.

The artwork by Ed Benes takes Steve Lloyds words and makes them magical. He breathes life into the characters and makes you believe you are a part of the action. When an artist can make you forget that you are reading a comic book they have done the most important factor of their job: making us believe in heroes. Ed Benes has done that with great finesse. When you turn to the first page and you see his rendition of Steel kneeling with his hammer in front of him you immediately know that Ed Benes knows how to draw a character that could be complicated for some artists to properly render. The fact that his entire costume is made of steel would be a challenge for some, but Ed Benes makes it look effortless and again allows the reader to stay in the story instead of worrying about shoddy artwork.

Reason: Ed Benes and Steve Lloyds create magic here and reminds us that not everyone can be a Superman.

Comic Book Blog...
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I created a blog account on Blogger for myself that will primarily be about Comic Books since that is one of my hugest passions. In it I will post news that I find interesting about comics and reviews from various comic books that I read.

It can be found here:

I wanted this to be seperate from the LiveJournal account because here I talk about everything under the sun and it felt like it was time to seperate out the two very different genres of writing.

I will still post comic book reviews here though for those that do not want to read the blogger account though the other comic book news and information will solely remain on that site.

Review: Weird Worlds (1 of 6) Cost: $3.99
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The first issue of Weird Worlds came out this week in New Comic Book land. This is a limited series consisting of 6 issues published by DC Comics. It contains three stories in it. The first is featuring Lobo, the second features Garbage Man, and the last features Tanga. I will review each section individually, since each is an independent story at this time.


Story 1 - Lobo- The Jawbone of an Ass


Writer- Kevin Vanhook


Artist- Jerry Ordway


Colorist- Pete Pantazis


Letterer- Jared K. Fletcher


Associate Editor- Chris Conroy


Editor- Joey Cavalieri


Lobo created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen


If you are unfamiliar with the character of Lobo then the opening page will take you aback a little because of the gore and violence on the page, but this is typical for a Lobo story. This came as no real big shock to me because I had this previous knowledge of the character. However some people do not have this previous knowledge of the character and this could detract readers from wanting to pick up the book because there are two other characters featured. A person shouldn’t be forced to skip over a story to read the character that they want to read simply due to the gratuitous violence in a comic book. Don’t get me one I am for appropriate comic book violence. Hell I will cheerlead for blood and guts in a comic book since they were repressed for so long, but it may have been a little more intelligent on DC Comics part to put the comic stories that contain less violence on the first pages of the book itself, just saying.


The artwork is pristine and polished by Jerry Ordway though. He draws the characters from other worlds that are featured in the story very well. Heck even the character with the chunk missing of his head at the beginning of the book looks realistic. That makes me fear this particular artist because I wonder how he got that good at drawing huge chunks missing out of heads. Overall though his art adds something to a story that I felt was pretty weak considering all it seems to be doing is setting up the fact that Lobo is a bad ass, which again most of us know this already. The story did nothing to actually endear the character to new readers or even introduce him to them. Then again maybe that is all Lobo has is being bad ass. The writing by Kevin Vanhook did what it was supposed to do though and that was again to show that he is badass, but that doesn’t mean that I have to like that this is the direction they went with him here. Maybe there could have been a stronger story that would have shown he is a bad ass. Not sure just not a fan of what they did here and I have read other stories where I enjoyed Lobo, but this was not one of them.



Reason: 2 stars for Jerry Ordway and his excellent artwork and one for DC actually having a Lobo story even out there right now.


Story 2- Garbage Man- Reborn Identity

Writer- Aaron Lopresti

Pencils- Aaron Lopresti

Inks- Matt Ryan

Colors- Dave McCaig

Letters- Jared K. Fletcher

Editor and Associate Editor- same as previous

Garbage Man Created by Aaron Lopresti


I would like to think that Aaron Lopresti is a one man walking show or something with as many credits as he gets in this one particular story, but I digress from the point of this review to say what makes this either a horrible read or a good read. This was squarely in the good read category because of the ability of the writer to understand that the character needed to be introduced to the audience. While I am not aware of any previous history of the character Garbage Man, which appears to just be a rip-off of the more popular Swamp Thing, Okay I actually just did some research while writing this and discovered that this is a new character for the Weird World series. That makes Garbage Man even cooler in my opinion.


The drawing and the writing both lend itself very well to the story that is trying to be told here. It is trying to introduce us to how Garbage Man came to be. This is the origin of how Garbage Man came to be. That is what makes this a more successful story, in my opinion, over the previous Lobo story. While I understand Lobo is an established character in the DC Universe and Garbage Man is a new character you have to realize that Weird Worlds possibly could be someone’s first title in DC Comics or maybe it is a returning comic book fan who really has no recollection of Lobo at all. Okay fine I will get off the Lobo hating soap box now and return it to someone else now.


Garbage Man is a rip-off of Swamp Thing. It is apparent from the first time we actually see the creature. It is frustrating for fans that want to see the actual Swamp Thing back in the DC Universe proper to get a rip-off, but I like that they introduced an actual monster into the DC Universe again. I hope that they will keep the character around until they can get Swamp Thing where he deserves to be. It would be interesting to see characters like Wonder Woman and Batman interacting with this type of character. Marvel has done this successfully with the Thunderbolts having Man-Thing on their team and it is time DC stepped into that game as well.


I enjoyed this story greatly because I felt like I got to invest energy into learning about the character and learning the baseline of how he came to be Garbage Man. I hope in the future stories featuring him that we will learn more about the character before he became Garbage Man and the law firm that he was working for. A story should get you interested in the stuff you do not know about the character or things that you want to discover as they are discovering them. Garbage Man is interesting and allows me to wonder why the place he used to work wants to get rid of him. I will be interested in learning more about the character as the series progresses and hope that they keep him around for awhile.


Faerie Points- 5

Reason: Introduced this rip-off character in a believable manner and one that made me want to learn more about him and the artwork was spot on for the story. Hope this continues into the next story featuring him.



Story 3- Tanga- Distrait

Story- Kevin Maguire

Art- Kevin Maguire

Coloring- Rosemary Cheetham

Lettering- Jared K. Fletcher

Associate Editor and Editor- Same as Lobo


Tanga, like Garbage Man, is a new character that was created by Kevin Maguire. I believe she was probably created for this specific book, but not having been in the meetings or even being a part of DC who knows. The character is unique in many ways that she is a space alien that speaks to herself. She reminds me a little of myself in that respect. She doesn’t have much plot in this particular story though. She is just introduced to us as a character that talks to themselves and one that we know little about.


The artwork is again of a high quality and Kevin Maguire does a nice job of actually drawing a female character that has some cleavage, but isn’t so popping out that you think she should be featured in Hustler. Also the story does introduce the character and the baseline of what she is. She is a rather lonely individual and wants to find a friend in the world. In many respects she represents those of us that are not social and that is probably why I was instantly drawn to the character. The search for those that we can call friends and who will be true, but we are always looking in the wrong places. We shouldn’t be looking on earth 214 and we should be looking elsewhere. This endeared her to me more than it would have based on the limited knowledge of this new character that is presented here. We have no previous history with her and like Lobo she really isn’t given much of a background in the story itself. It will be interesting to see if she is ever given one by DC.


I did rather enjoy the story itself even though we didn’t get a background of the character herself. The reason I enjoyed it is for the reasons I stated above, but also based on the fact that the character is somewhat likeable. Many times characters created for books are thought to just be characters that can be later tossed away, but this character seems to have a personality where many do not. I hope that she will be featured somewhere else after these 6 issues are completed.



REASON- The character has a personality, but you have to introduce SOME background to a character that is new.

Star Wars Geek
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All my life I have been avoiding one franchise. One single franchise. That would be the Star Wars franchise. I had not particular reason for avoiding it, in particular. I just always seemed to be off reading some R.L. Stine horror book or watching Soap Operas while growing up, so I never really gave the series a second thought. I decided recently though that it was time to give the franchise a look.

I started by watching the original trilogy back to back from DVDs that my boyfriend had. I found myself caring for characters that I had never met before. Finding out how things were connected. How characters were connected and how this world was woven together was magical. I can see why though in Scream 2 a character mentions that Empire Strikes Back is far superior to the original. It is! I fell in love with 3CPO and R2D2. I realize they are around for comedic relief but they are strong characters in themselves in the franchise. Seeing each character develop was very interesting. I think it was a natural progression though to love this series due to my previous soap opera love and this is a space opera.

Now I am on my way to actually watching the prequels. I have not heard nice things about them, but I feel like I should judge for myself. I never listen to others when they say something is bad. I have also began to read some of the books of the series. I am currently reading Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn which is part of his “Thrawn Trilogy”. From the roughly hundred and some pages I have currently read I can tell that I am going to enjoy the book series even more than I have been enjoying the movies. I feel like the books transport me to these various planets and allow me to imagine what is going on where the movies do not allow me to be transported as well.

I never thought I would say this, but I guess I am becoming a Star Wars Geek and I hope the “FORCE” will be with all of you.

First post using Windows Live Writer.
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One of my favorite songs that says how we should treat each other…


I found today that I had a program installed that would allow me to post on livejournal. This means I will be able to post more frequently than I have in the past. I am hoping that this will also give me the opportunity to share different aspects of my life with everyone.

As this is my first time posting with this program it might not go smoothly, but I am hoping it does.

I decided to post this video on this first posting using this program because this is what I would like the world around me to be. We have to learn to love each other. I might be seen as the one that dreams big or the one that always seems positive, but that is not always true. There is a huge part of me that is pessimistic. I have been called a negative nancy in my past, but I am at a point of my life where even though I don’t always believe I can achieve the dreams I want for my life. I am at the stage of keep on trying and don’t give up. This song reminds me that we have to love each other in all circumstances. In all that we do. Regardless of what the individual does to us. If they push us in some line laugh it off because it isn’t any big. If someone hurts your feeling ask yourself how important that person is in your life. Love each other people. Lets start sharing happiness and love with each other. We can only control ourselves and how we respond. Lets choose to respond differently then we have in our pasts.

Prozac, Liptor, or hell even Wellbutrin...
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Lately I have been feeling like I can not focus. I have so much going on in my mind that I can't seem to focus on anything. Maybe I need to get back on my medications or some stupid crap like that. I have been pretty well without them for over like 2 years, but this semester I have felt more and more like I am going to stupidville.

Some of it is emotions based on recent incidents like the teen suicides. I am getting to a place where it feels like what is the point of it all? We keep going down, as a society, a hateful road where it seems to never let up. I don't want to off myself, but I am at a depressed point of life because of the way our society runs.

I hear friends that have to deal with idiots that call them faggot or judge them solely on the notion of who they are and not based on real knowledge of the individual.

On a lighter note I am loving the UK X-Factor with all of its controversy. My favorite contestant is cher Lloyd with Mary Byrne right behind that. Also since she is a judge on X-Factor Cheryl Cole needs to meet with Nadine Coyle and get Girls Aloud back stat. The thing I always enjoyed about them was that they never seemed to fight and if they did they were intelligent enough to keep the bickering to a minimum in the media. Now I feel like they have blown that all to heck. Get it back together girls and do what you do: MAKE FREAKIN MUSIC!!!

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One of the things I have taken on this semester is helping get the Human Services (SERVE) club back up at Ivy Tech. It has been interesting because it feels like I am helping this club to get up off the ground. Literally at this point I am the only member and one or two other people. This has largely been because there hasn't been a mentioning of this club on various campuses (there are three for Muncie now) and not mentioned in the Human Services classes on the benefits of being in extracurricular activities. These students don't see the benefits to their life and now I am having to convince them that it will help them in their future endeavors and they will make lasting connections that are vitally important.

Today I will be talking to two of the courses at Ivy Tech about the SERVE club and hopefully I will be able to convince these individuals that this is a worthwhile club to participate in. The club is one of those COMMUNITY-BASED groups where we do things in the community that helps it out. I am currently trying to come up with ideas to help the community out as well. I feel like I have taken a lot on this semester, but I know that I can do it. This is going to help me to be the best worker that I can be in the field that I want to be in.

Another thing that is out there right now is a talk about Community Colleges. There is a national summit happening with Dr. Jill Biden (Joe Biden's wife I believe) that will discuss various issues as it relates to the Community College world. If you are a community college student or worker you should consider making your voice heard about what you feel they can do to help out.


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