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Sometimes we have to say goodbye to people....
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Every day I grow a bit wiser and learn who and what I should have in my life. It isn't always easy to say goodbye to the past. Sometimes as individuals we can cling so tightly to those old days that we have had in our lives, but we have to learn to move on from the past. I am starting to realize this for myself. There is someone that I have allowed to come in and out of my life, but it is time to completely end this friendship entirely. I can't allow them to be in my life because of the negativity that they feed me and produce in my life. It is hard when they are someone that has been there for years, but sometimes moving onto the future means you have to let go of the past. You have to say goodbye to keep moving onto the future that you are intended to have.

As I put this friendship to rest it makes me recall that I have also put a lot of other things to rest in my life like the relationship with my family. I don't speak to them. I don't even have contact with them any more because they are also negative in my life. They have caused me so much pain in my life, but as I grow up I continue to grow and find the people that are my chosen family. I have been lucky to make some really great friends that love me unconditionally. I often feel like I don't have that many friends, but I have been blessed with some great individuals that consider me their friends and know that I would do whatever I could for them. These individuals are my family and the people that I care the deepest about.

This song is a song that I really identify with right now. I will never go home again. I will never see my family again, but I will always have a place that is safe. Thank you to those that love me in San Francisco. You will always be in my heart. It is the closest I have ever had to an accepting and loving place in my life. One day I might get back there, but for now I have to look towards my future and getting me where I want to be.


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