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Got my degree in the mail...
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My boyfriend, Chaz, drove me over to my house today to pick up my APA book that I need for one of my social work classes at Ball State University and in the mail there was my Associates Degree from Ivy Tech Community College. It is official I am an individual that has graduated and had their degree from Ivy Tech. I love that I got this degree today because tomorrow is my first official day over at Ball State University. I start the the week off with History on monday. Then my other classes are on Tuesday and Thursday primarily. It is great to know that I am on another leg of my future, but wow to think where I have been to where I am now. It is very emotional for me.

The little boy that was told that he could never succeed to the man that has achieved. This is one of those moments that I am proud of where I am. I am proud of what I have done. I am not ashamed to have some pride in myself and I am going to sing it from the mountains. What I have done in my life is nothing short of miraculous. :-)

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Congrats!!!! I think you should hang it on the wall in your living room (that's what I did with mine, and my award for good grades). Nobody ever visits our home to see them, but they are there right beside our marriage certificate.

Congrats again on the first leg of your journey, and here's to the next leg, Cheers!

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