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The joys of college or how I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs...
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I have been going through it! You don't even know. It seems like every single hurdle that Ball State University could through at me they have. I have had to talk to admissions more times than I care to remember. They have pushed me to the brink of insanity. You would think a college system that has been in existence since the dawn of time would have their stuff together, but it appears they do not. I, as a transfer student, have hit so many snags that I feel like I am no longer wearing a cute wool sweater and that I am standing naked in front of my fellow classmates. My spirit has been drained because of this stupidity that I have had to endure. I have had to turn in my college transcripts three separate times. I have to argue about things that should have transferred that did not transfer for some reason. I have had to argue about when and if I would be able to obtain my books. I have had to wait in lines the size of a small third-world country. I am exhausted at this point and one thing keeps going through my head and it is the thing that I should want to get out of my head, "I do not belong here at Ball State. This is not the school for me." It keeps repeating in my head. I keep trying to push it down, but if I feel this way next semester after I no longer have to deal with the registration process I will find a different University that fits who I am because right now it doesn't seem to be Ball State.


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